Yo Dabba Quartz UFO Carb Cap

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Yo Dabba Quartz UFO Carb Cap

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GREAT DABS ARE OUT THERE – And you can get them with a Quartz UFO Carb Cap. Like something out of Area 51, these space-age caps astound dab enthusiasts alike thanks to their incredible functionality. Get ready to fly high with these flying saucers!



I WANT TO BELIEVE – Despite our Quartz UFO Carb Caps looking like flying saucers, there’s no x-file or mystery surrounding why they’re so great. Made from 100% pure quartz crystal and designed to help maximize vaporization from low-temperature dabbing, these premium carb caps are versatile, functional and are so thick and juicy they could even make Kim Kardashian jealous. Perfect for pairing with a Quartz, or Flat Top Banger, these Quartz UFO Carb Caps are robust; ergonomic and simple to use. Just cap your nail and chase your concentrates by turning the curvaceous cap. You can even control the impressive airflow this cap creates by placing your finger over the porthole found at the top of the UFO. Thanks to this carb cap’s creative design and quartz’s excellent thermal properties, it really is a favorite with dab enthusiasts as they no longer have to ‘waste it to taste it’. That’s because these high-quality Quartz UFO Carb Caps not only bring out the best of your concentrates (thanks to a more thorough vaporization), they also help deliver full spectrum tastes and a cool, smooth, milky white draw. We’ve no doubt you’ll love using a Quartz UFO Carb Cap. The only mystery here is why you haven’t ordered one yet!

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