Yo Dabba 2mm Quartz Banger

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Yo Dabba 2mm Quartz Banger

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Despite the large surface area of its bucket, the 2mm Quartz Banger can be heated in 10 seconds or less. Made from food and medical-grade quartz, this 100% Quartz Banger offers smoother, tastier hits. Pair the 2mm Quartz Banger with a Quartz Carb Cap to double its heat retention and get the most from low-temperature dabs.

Available in : 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm male or female at a 45° and 90° angle

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The 2mm Quartz Banger can be heated to a glowing orange in 10 seconds or less, but due to the low thermal conductivity of quartz, it has a tendency to cool down in the same amount of time. Pair this Banger with a Quartz Carb Cap to maximize it’s heat retention, almost doubling the time it takes to cool down. For quadruple the amount of heat retention, consider buying a 4mm Quartz Banger and pair it with a Quartz Carb Cap. The 4mm Quartz Banger is currently the thickest quartz nail on the market, giving it extra durability. When combined with use of a Quartz Carb Cap, the 2mm Quartz Banger can be used for smooth, tasty, low-temperature dabs. Low-temperature dabs ideally occur between 300°F and 400°F. Overheating quartz would take a lot of effort, preventing users from combusting and wasting their concentrates. Besides preserving the terpenes and flavor of a concentrate through low-temperature dabbing, its actually saves every part of the oil — including THC. The Quartz Carb Cap will also help keep the Quartz Banger clean by preventing concentrates from pooling onto it. Because quartz is not chemically reactive, Quartz Bangers are food and medical grade, meaning there are no adverse side effects after heating the nail to extreme temperatures. Out of all the nails, a properly seasoned quartz nail secures the cleanest taste. Although the 2mm Quartz Banger is stronger and more durable than glass or ceramic, it appears insubstantial when placed next to the 4mm version. Neither the 2mm or 4mm Quartz Bangers have any problem with airflow, as the necks were blown wider than most, giving the smoke a spacious passage to travel through. Banger-style nails are a great financial investment. Designed to prevent heat stress and stress fractures to both the joint of the nail and water pipe, bowl of the Quartz Banger is held out far away from the joint by it’s long neck. When using a banger, it’s nearly impossible to heat and crack the water pipe because the flame is held far away.

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