Yo Dabba Quartz Sumo Carb Cap

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Yo Dabba Quartz Sumo Carb Cap

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Get in the low-low-low temp zone by dropping it like it’s hot with a hands-free Quartz Sumo Carb Cap. Specially designed to work with our larger-than-life Sumo Bangers, these slammin’ 100% quartz carb caps enhance and extend dab sessions, no diggity, no doubt.


Use a Yo Dabba Dabba Sumo Banger? Thirsty for richer, stronger hits but didn’t think there was any way your XL dabbing sessions could get any more tasty? Think again! Now’s the time you can really go big or go home thanks to these Quartz Sumo Carb Caps. Purposely designed to be used with our extra-large bangers and fashioned from 100% pure crystal quartz for bulletproof durability and impressive heat resistance, these Quartz Sumo Carb Caps will make your mammoth dabs even bigger. With 4mm thick walls, angled air vents and large surface areas, these hands-free Quartz Carb Caps make any XL Sumo Banger work like a dream. They even help extend dabbing sessions and the lives of nails. Quickly reaching and sustaining ideal dabbing temperatures while keeping nails clean and hits pure, these extra-large crystal carb caps produce full-bodied, potent draws like a boss. All dab enthusiasts have to do is heat their nail to optimum temperature, then, taking the carb cap and a cue from Snoop Dogg, drop it like it’s hot right onto the banger. By curbing and directing the airflow, these Quartz Sumo Carb Caps regulate temperatures around the nail for maximum vape efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Step up your XL dabbing game with one of these Quartz Sumo Carb Caps from Yo Dabba Dabba.

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